Somlandela preschool was established in 2012. as the church we saw the need in our community for the preschool. our focus is that through this preschool children may come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour in their lives.


One of the areas we also focusing strong on is the area of numeracy as it is a problem in our country. this preschool has created employment in this township. today we have employed 6 full time staff members. We also have temporary personnel who comes and gap in.



Back in 2010 we started the soup kitchen. one of our members was a community health worker, her duty was to visit patients in their homes to give them medication. in some of the houses she could not give medication to the people because the is no food. so we decided to start the soup kitchen. so far we are running this project in two places. Wednesdays we are at Siyanyanzela informal settlement. we feed about 100 people every wensdays. on thursdays we run it here at our church building, we feed about 70 people every thursdays. we would love to run this mondays to fridays, but because of limited resources we can not. we have seen the impact of this ministry in peoples lives. we have wittnessed people coming to know Jesus through this ministry and their lives being radically transformed. in situations where by people come to us and say, i have seen a family who have nothing to eat, can you help? we always take from the soup kitchen budget to assist that family. in cases of shack fires we also help with food parcels and school stationary from the soup kitchen budget.




One of the challenges in our community is high rate of unemployment. to add to this problem we have a high rate of unemployable people because of lack of skills. We started the sewing project back n 2015 and offer classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays where people come to learn sewing. We have seen people starting their own business. Our long term goal is to have a skills development centre where people can come to learn different skills: e.g. paving, brick laying, carpentry, welding, plumbing etc